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Elizabeth J. Kim

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

My purpose in my work with clients is to get them in touch with what is important to them and to overcome some obstacles that are getting in the way.  My philosophy is that as your therapist, we will aim  to be mindful, nonjudgmental, respectful, compassionate, centered, open, receptive, engaged, warm, and genuine.  I regard my client as an equal: a fellow human being who, just like everyone, gets easily hooked by thoughts and feelings and ends up struggling with life. 

I am here to help you to struggle a little less and to live a little more, with vitality and purpose.  I will help you be here and now, and to remember your values, to do what matters most.   I apply behavioral principles by identifying functional relationships with your thoughts, behaviors and environment so we can better understand why we do what we do.    

Please know that I am not a psychotherapist.  I do not do "talk therapy."  I believe in the non-disease model approach.  I don't think anyone is inherently sick that we need to get better.  I believe that you are simply lost and need someone to help you find your way and enlighten you.  As a behavioral analyst, with deep rooted training in Acceptance and Commitment Training (aka Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), I apply functional and individual interventions that are proven to work.  

You tell me what you say, do and feel.  As your behavioral therapist, I can observe your behavior by conducting functional analysis and share this discovery with you.  But this is not about finding the truth.  It is about liberating, awakening and discovering your true self and to bring increased awareness of what is going on inside and outside of your body.  

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