Conscious Parenting Method™

Healing Tools
“Conscious Parenting is that our children are born to us to create deep internal transformation within us.”
– Dr. Shefali
Conscious parenting method is about mindfulness, awareness, and emotional regulation of the parent.  It is the parent’s self-awareness and consciousness that are the indicators of a child’s wellbeing. 

Our parenting styles are based on our past and fears and not based on a conscious and awakened place.  So having a parenting coach to teach Conscious Parenting method is critical.   Parent coaching will help you understand your patterns to you can connect with your children before you correct.  

Conscious parenting is understanding that your child is a sovereign being that needs to be free from your imprint.

It is one of the most important works you will do. 
My child is my partner in this journey called life
My child's behaviors are not against me personally
My child is not my enemy designed to make my life difficult
My child is a sovereign being who desires respect just as I do
My child doesn’t want to be shamed or degraded just as I don’t
My child’s brain is still developing, so they need patience and kindness
My child is not yet aware of how life operates so they need care and attention
“The bond with your children is like no other. It will do both-give you superpowers and break your heart at the same time. It will both expand you to an infinite limitlessness and crush you to a pulp of nothingness at the same time. It will ignite and inspire your creativity and imagination and destroy your fantasies and dreams at the same time. It will be your soul's biggest teacher and transformer and your ego's ultimate nemesis and detonator at the same time.It is here to enliven and elevate you to the greatest heights and to yank and humble you to your lowest levels. Only this bond has these powers. And it is the only bond for which you will allow this degree of powerlessness.”

- Dr. Shefali